The start of the New Year is approaching and we have decided to enjoy it. As the saying goes: "As at the New Year, the same throughout the year." That's why you can learn to prepare two great cocktails with us today. So, ring in the New Year with them!


The name of the cocktail might not sound so appealing, but it tastes great!

TIME: 10 min / MAKES: 1 cocktail

INGREDIENTS: 1 glass of 7 Up or Sprite / 1 shot glass of Magister / 1 lemon / 2 tablespoons of ice


  • Put ice in a glass, pour Magister on it and then 7 Up or Sprite.
  • Finally add some slices of lemon to the cocktail.
  • Serve with a straw.


Gin Fizz is fine fruity cocktail with a sour flavor.

TIME: 10 min / MAKES: 1 cocktail

INGREDIENTS: 1 shot glass gin / 1 shot glass soda / 1 shot glass lemon juice / ½ cup of water / 5 tablespoons of sugar (sugarcane best) / 2 tablespoons of ice


  • Prepare a sugar syrup - heat the water and while stirring it add sugar until it dissolves.
  • Put ice in a shaker and pour gin, lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of prepared sugar syrup on it. Shake it well.
  • Pour into a glass and add soda. Decorate with a stir stick and lemon sliced nto wedges.

Photo: Radostina Boseva for SOFFA magazine