Ideals of Beauty: Fertility

Ideals of Beauty: Fertility


Original illustrated poster from issue Soffa 23 dedicated to Beauty.

Illustration: Barbora Idesová for Soffa

  • size and paper: A2 format, 140 gsm high quality matt paper

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In Czechia the idea of fertility is inextricably linked to the 25,000-year-old clay statue of the Venus of Dolní Věstonice. Possibly a representation of a mother goddess, the statue has exceptionally large breasts and hips that symbolise the prerequisites for successful reproduction. The ideal of fertility has been rooted in the human psyche since time immemorial. Full curves with a round belly are depicted in ancient Greek and Roman statues and in Renaissance paintings, and in the Baroque period they became more voluptuous still. In some cultures around the world a full figure and a statuesque body are prized to this day. Since fertility is not only a woman’s domain, many cultures celebrate the ideal by enhancing depictions of male reproductive parts as symbols of virility.   

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