Ideals of Beauty: Manliness

Ideals of Beauty: Manliness


Original illustrated poster from issue Soffa 23 dedicated to Beauty.

Illustration: Barbora Idesová for Soffa

  • size and paper: A2 format, 140 gsm high quality matt paper

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While it may appear that beauty and fashion trends focus only on women, ideals of male beauty are also subject to trends. While the ideal of a strapping, muscular male figure may be timeless, men’s hairstyles, facial hair and clothing go in and out of fashion. When a few years ago the term ‘metrosexual’ was coined, it seemed that men had never been more effeminate. Yet a glance into history and across cultures reveals that men have always paid attention to their appearance. Ancient Egyptians favoured make-up and perfumed oils, ancient Greeks and Romans focussed on their bodies, Louis XIV’s male courtiers paraded around in tall wigs and high-heeled shoes, and men in traditional cultures have always adorned themselves with tattoos, body paint and headdresses.   

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