Ideals of Beauty: Slenderness

Ideals of Beauty: Slenderness


Original illustrated poster from issue Soffa 23 dedicated to Beauty.

Illustration: Barbora Idesová for Soffa

  • size and paper: A2 format, 140 gsm high quality matt paper

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Historical art tells us that a thin figure was the ideal of beauty as early as ancient Egypt and ancient China, and that it influenced the European aesthetic during the Gothic period. A narrow waist and shoulders told the world that one did not have to toil in the fields. In the 1920s thinness became popular as a reaction to the wide skirts and broad hips of the preceding era, and in the straight, emancipated designs of the period, women’s curves became imperceptible. The fashion industry of the 1960s and 1990s was ruled by an ideal that was often too thin and unhealthy, and garnered many critics. Thinness continues to define the beauty ideal in many parts of the world, thanks in great part to the development of sport and recreation and a growing interest in a healthy lifestyle.  

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