Ideals of Beauty: Perfection

Ideals of Beauty: Perfection


Original illustrated poster from issue Soffa 23 dedicated to Beauty.

Illustration: Barbora Idesová for Soffa

  • size and paper: A2 format, 140 gsm high quality matt paper

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Humans are imperfect creatures, and as such we are obsessed with symmetry and ideal proportions. Can a perfect face be considered beautiful? In general, faces thought to be beautiful by a particular ethnic group, culture or nation tend towards perfect facial symmetry. In the past ‘perfection’ was achieved with the help of fashion accessories, make-up, wigs and complex constructions hidden beneath the clothes. In more recent times people have looked to cosmetic surgery to achieve their idea of the perfect face and body. Paradoxically, with the growing popularity of cosmetic interventions we no longer perceive an unnaturally perfect face as beautiful. Indeed, there is beauty in our unique imperfections.  

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