Ideals of Beauty: Femininity

Ideals of Beauty: Femininity


Original illustrated poster from issue Soffa 23 dedicated to Beauty.

Illustration: Barbora Idesová for Soffa

  • size and paper: A2 format, 140 gsm high quality matt paper

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The hourglass shape – with its narrow waist and full breasts and hips – was iconic even in times when fashion favoured thinness, partly due to the timeless popularity of the fertility ideal. In the modern era, marked by efforts to elevate women from the status of the weaker sex, the ideal of femininity has been raised to new heights. Victorian England highlighted women’s curves, aided by the use of corsets and layered skirts. In the 1950s the feminine ideal found its embodiment in the actress Marilyn Monroe, whose 90-60-90 figure helped define feminine perfection. More recently, countering the popularity of the athletic supermodels of the 1980s and 1990s, and the extremely thin models that followed, the hourglass figure is becoming popular once again.

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