Birth of the Abstract

The cultural event of this autumn is the extensive František Kupka retrospective at the National Gallery’s Waldstein Riding School in Prague. Explore how to bring Kupka’s visual thinking into your interior in ways that go beyond hanging his reproductions on the wall.

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At the Beautiful View

In the October issue of Soffa 29, dedicated to wealth in its different forms, we presented a fashion photo story in a unique interior. The Swedish ambassador in the Czech Republic, Viktoria Li, invited us to visit her official residence.

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Design Tendence 2018

Eight weeks before Christmas is just the right time to start thinking about decorations and gifts, but the 20,000 visitors of Tendence Design Fair in Frankfurt have been in the clear since the end of June and July.

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Jewelry For A Good Cause

Going along with our Flora and Fauna issue focused on nature and animals, for the third year in a row, jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. has come out with the collection Save the Wild, as a part of the #KnotOnMyPlanet campaign to protect endangered species in the wild.

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Earth, Wood & Fire

People have been soiling their hands with clay for at least thirty thousand years, or as long as they have been making pottery, one of the earliest of human inventions. The miraculous process in which fire transforms clay into a fragile object of beauty and utility is as fascinating today as it was at the beginning.

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