Do you have at home plenty of branches, pinecones and different stones? We do because we are always tempted to bring something lovely at home after a nice walk in the forest. If that would be something beautiful that only the nature can create, interesting material or precious memory from a nice place. This time at home we happened to have some fir twigs and that’s how the idea of making these interesting Christmas cards came true.

COMPLEXITY: very easy
TIME: 15 min.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Fresh spruce or fir twigs / White or colored paper sheets / crayon / marker / thin metal wire / thread / a pencil / ruler / scissors / stapler


  • On the paper measure and mark the size of the card that you want to create.
  • Cut out the rectangle and fold it in half. Write your wishes inside the folded card.
  • Make a circle with one twig and tie the ends with metal wire or thread.
  • Attach the prepared circle to the card on several places using the stapler.
  • You should give the card quickly while the twigs are still fresh and the aroma of the forest could still be smelled.

Photo: Radostina Boseva for SOFFA magazine