Sam is our four-legged friend, who is assisting to almost all SOFFA projects. When we were thinking what to prepare for the first issue of our magazine we thought that it would be nice to prepare something special for him too. So we made for him an elegant bow tie – a great accessory for all events and celebrations. You have to admit that Sam now looks like a movie star. Here is our guide how you can create one for your dog.

TIME: 1 hour

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: thicker fabric, size 60cm x 20cm / thread / scissors / needle / clasp / pins


  • Cut from the fabric a rectangular piece of about 22cm x 7cm. Sew the edges to avoid fraying. Fold the left and right part of the rectangle in a way that they cover each other about 1cm. You should now be facing the back side. Sew the top and bottom edges.
  • Turn it around and stitch it together.
  • From the remaining fabric cut out a strip of about 2.5cm width and 6 cm length. Leave about half centimeter on the long side. With that strip tighten the bow tie in the middle and stitch it on the back side.
  • Then cut out a piece of fabric for the collar. It should be few centimeters longer than the neck diameter of your dog. Fold the strip on the long side and sew it. At the end of it sew the clasp.
  • At the end just stitch together the bow with the collar and you are ready!

Photo: Radostina Boseva for SOFFA magazine