This time we have prepared a recipe for a drink that really warms you up. Mulled wine is a traditional drink not only at the mountain huts, where it will save you when numb after a day of skiing, but is also ideal for long winter evenings. Should have been drunk slowly so a cup of it is perfect companion for long talks. Just get ready that, if you will really like it, you might tell more stories than usual.

TIME: 30 min / MAKES: 4 cups

INGREDIENTS: 750 ml of red wine / 450 ml of water / 120 g of sugar (from sugarcane is best) / 1 lemon / 1 piece of cinnamon / 1 piece of star anise / 5 cloves


The lemon wash carefully and cut into slices.

Weld water and sugar in a pot until sugar dissolved, then add the cinnamon, cloves, star anise and 3 slices of lemon. Fruit should swim a little, so do not be afraid to add a little bit of water if it vaporize a lot. Boil 10 minutes.

Pour the red wine into it, bring to a boil, but not boil.

Remove the spices and add sugar or lemon if needed.

Pour into cups with a slice of lemon or other citruses. Serve hot.

Photo: Radostina Boseva for SOFFA magazine