LUGI Limited Edition: Industrial tables


The Czech furniture maker LUGI comes with its first limited edition: Industrial tables. The edition is now exhibited in LUGI Store in Vinohradský Pavilion.


The limited edition Industrial tables began with the discovery of aged metal table bases. People at LUGI came with an idea of resurrecting the old parts, combining them with perfect new table tops and returning them into the interior. LUGI's designer Matej Chabera designed new smart wooden tops for the old bases and in this way give the tables new life.



The Singer table base comes from the classic steel sewing machine table. The tops are both made from solid oak and their edges are finished just like the ones on tailors' sewing machines.  The new design still refers very strongly to the base's origin. 



Jean is an industrial table built on a cast iron base of two identical parts connected with two tubes. The top is made of veneer. 



The bent tube base of the Marcel table links directly to the original modernistic discoveries of Bauhaus under the hands of architects such as Marcel Breuer or Mart Stam. The top is made of MDF and ash veneer.


Find more information about LUGI and LUGI Limited Edition 01 here.

Photo: Radostina Boseva for SOFFA magazine

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