Our SOFFA team has been busy working on the new upcoming issue #17 and to get the whole team together at these times is more challenging than any form of sport! Instead as a small team we were lucky to spend time with Marek Podmolik our trainer for the NTC workshop, benefiting from his expertise and approach to this form of Interval Training. NTC comprises of four categories: Upper Body, Lower Body, Core and Metabolic. With basic movements focused on and incorporating: Squats, lunges, pulling, pushing, hinge and rotation. Marek ran us through the basic movements but concentrated on technique with an in depth focus on corrections and advise on perfecting the skills. Interestingly some basic positions such as squats relied mainly on turning out your thighs and using your feet to stabilize and reach a correct posture.

Like with every workshop we have participated in, we find ourselves constantly surprised by how these simple movements have such complex history and importance. NTC training is a very complex set up, not only are there the basic categories there is also an organization aspect, such as relay, or small team competitions with combinations of exercises, and you keep moving while the next exercise is being explained in what they refer to as a holding pattern, skipping or doing jumping jacks. Training depend mainly on the number of participants, the location, or the type of exercises required that day. The more spontaneous and organic nature of the training keeps it fresh and exciting, making it functional for the whole body. From all our workshops, NTC training was the least known discipline to us, however spending time with Marek and running through the basics and fundamental teachings, we definitely recommend it for individuals who want to build strength and keep a fresh approach to their whole body training.  

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By: Yasmin Keshmiri Hejduk | Photo: Magdalena Šmídová