While sport is considered a very old concept, it perfectly characterizes the contemporary way of life – energetic and fast-paced. We are always online, constantly browsing and trying to keep up with all the latest trends in numerous fields. Physical activity helps us to adapt to the rhythm of big cities, to cope with busy schedules, and to be productive allowing us to always move forward no matter what. Nowadays sport is an inseparable part of our lives.

That’s why we devoted SOFFA’s 16th issue to the topic of SPORTS. We looked at it from different, sometimes unexpected, angles in our printed issue. But there is more to our strategy. To target those who are in constant movement, we prepared our latest podcast about the places that played an important role in the history of Czech contemporary sport. You can listen to it while running on a treadmill, driving, or just walking.

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By: Daria Stepanova  | Edit: Gracie Strausser | Photo: Veronika Vrbová