New collection: La Mut

SOFFA recently moved into a new space in Holešovice, and we are in the process of decorating it in a way that will best fit the SOFFA aesthetic. Through our search to find accessories to compliment the interior of the new space, we became interested in a new collection by La Mut

La Mut is family-run design company specializing in Galluchat accessories for the home and beyond. You may be wondering, what is Galluchat leather? Well, it is one of the most rare and luxurious materials one can find. It was first used in Europe by Jean-Claude Galluchat – a master in leatherwork in the court of Louis XV of France. All of the individual pieces are handcrafted in their own workshops. La Mut’s newest collection includes contemporary keepsake boxes and trays in a range of colours and patterns.

By: Alice Muziková  | Edit: Bridget Keane | Photo: La Mut