Tony Adam's

It has been quite a long time since we visited the Tony Adam´s barbershop, but we feel like it is better late than never to write about something. Especially when it comes to such a nice and thoughtful place such as Tony Adam´s barbershop. Let´s take a little guide with us to introduce you to this incredible piece of men´s world in Prague.


So how did it all begin? The owners of Tony Adam’s barbershop were visiting barbershops in Prague for years, but they neverwere entirely satisfied with the level of service already on the market. Neither of them were barbers, but they both had a lot of customer experience. This helped them to find out some little weaknesses of other businesses, and it made them think about the best way to improve the service. Eventually, they embraced the customer‘s point of view and decided to create a place where they would love to go themselves. Before they could start the business, it took them about a year to prepare. Collecting more and more information, putting together a great team and searching for a place.


Have you ever thought that all these trendy barbershops in old English gentlemen style look alike? Enjoying a shot of whisky at 9 in the morning in a dark place.. The owners of Tony Adam’s barbershop wanted to change this perception about barbershops and decided to stand out from the competitors already on the market in Prague. They offer a wide range of drinks so that the customer can choose a cocktail, a non-alcoholic drink or a shot according to the mood and the time of the day. Finding a unique space with good lighting and location wasn’t an easy thing for the owners. But finally, they found two flats located in Vinohrady, at Jiřího z Poděbrad square, and together with architects from OOOOX they recreated the flats into a spacious, light, industrial space combining materials like concrete, glass, and wood. 


Their goal was to deliver the best service to the Czech and foreign clients, therefore they put together an international team of professionals with 10-20 years of experience who wanted some new challenge in their lives. They thought about every detail concerning the choice of products, furniture, and drinks so that the customers would get their money‘s worth. As their ambitions are set high, they also invite some of the best barbers from all over the world to teach their staff, and they believe it’s a great investment. 

By: Eliška Krutáková and Markéta Kučerová | Edit: Bridget Keane | Photo: Eliška Krutáková