Sustainable fashion


During the Mercedez-Benz Prague Fashion Week we were lucky to witness many inspiring events. But there was one that really stood out for us - Sustainable Fashion Day. This is an annual event, that takes place in the beautiful, radiant Kafka’s house. It inspires its visitors to think about the wastefulness of the fashion industry today and to make little changes here and there. 

The organizers of Sustainable Fashion Day believe that by adjusting to our planet's needs, even a little bit, we can make a huge step to "cleaning” the fashion industry and creating a cautious and responsible buyer. They offer a wide range of seminars, lectures and workshops to provide their visitors not only with instruments, that they can use in a long run, but also with encouraging ideas and products, that are made with the idea of sustainability in fashion and life in general kept in mind. This year the participants were WIN WIN LOVE, Veronika Hubková, Fresh labels, Naturveda, Better on me, and many others. So keep yourself updated for the next Sustainable fashion day. We know we will.

By: Julie Orlova | Edit: Gracie Strausser | Photo: Julie Orlova