Every year brings a new start with anticipation and excitement. For 2017 we have created six inspiring themes and based on them we present an original calendar. The 2017 SOFFA Calendar consists of six mood and six creative pages to inspire and entice you to step into the future and explore the themes created especially for you. 

January/ February 2017: SOFFA 19 dedicated to Generations - Draw your own family tree in our original and unusual genealogial tree!

March/ April 2017: SOFFA 20 dedicated to Enigma - Write a secret letter to someone you love, express your feelings and thoughts!

May/ June 2017: SOFFA 21 dedicated to Time - Use our sundial to measure your time. It is easy and very traditional

July/ August 2017: SOFFA 22 dedicated to Music -  Let's make your own paper musical instrument!

September/ October 2017: SOFFA 23 dedicated to Beauty - Prepare a beneficial foot balm and pay your feet the attentation they deserve.

November/ December 2017: SOFFA 24 dedicated to Czechoslovakia - Do you know all the differences between Czech and Slovak words?


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Papers: Oikos Extra White 150 g and 300 g by Fedrigoni
Concept: SOFFA & Lucie Šatková/

Illustrations: Luce Šatková/ | Photo: Adéla Havelková