Even if Desighblock 2016 is over now, the inspiration it provided will be present for a long time. Our team prepared some tips and recommendations for you to enjoy even after the big event had ended.


Lighting by Claro “is something that I just need in my life. Usually when I decorate the space and think it over I always focus on big statement pieces such as sofas, chairs, tables and so on. I kind of ignore things which you won’t actually touch. Then I visited Claro’s showroom and I realized that light may be my new obsession.”


Jagaja’s new winter collection. “This summer we were obsessed with their rose perfumes and sweet essential oils. For the winter season they have broadened the range with balms inspired by crispy fresh autumnal forest – and we couldn’t have been happier.”


Minimalistic jewelry by 27JEWELRY.  “I am constantly looking for something simple, something that I could wear every single day and not get bored with. 27JEWELRY makes exactly what I would wear on the daily basis. It is so natural, unique and it combines everything that I like - simplicity, femininity, versatility and timelessness.”


Garsonky “We treated ourselves, now it is time to do some good deed for creatures around us. Garsonky created perfect nesting boxes for birds of the city, using biodegradable material. Also they are super colorful and will help us brighten up balconies, windows and gardens. We are looking forward to every guest and resident to their new homes!”


Tables by Master & Master. “They make perfect tables. End of story. The colors are gorgeous, the tops are made of beautiful birch, minimalism is on point. I am in love!”

Jewelry by ZORYA. “The first thing what crosses my mind when I think of  Designblok is ZORYA’s brilliant items. We got acquainted with them for our beautiful photoshoot in new SOFFA 17, but even though I was familiar with them, they just got me once more. When I saw the burned wooden desks and the incredible tiny jewelry from pure gold and diamonds lying on it - I was simply speechless.”


"I love fashionable pieces as much as the next person, but we need to keep sustainability in mind.  I was fascinated by Lenka Vacková interpretation of the idea of ecological approach to fashion industry. It is defifnitely not for everybody, but everybody can have a look and have their lives changes a little bit.“

By: Julie Orlow | Photo: