The mission of Czech Centres is clear: to promote our culture abroad. It is very hard to give space to every filed it contains due to the broad nature of the term. When we met with Kristina Prunerová, the director of the Czech Centre in Brussels, we were more than relieved to find out that this fall the Czech Centre had organized two events dedicated to fashion and design from Czech young creators!

There were two main inspirations motivating Kristina Prunerová to start POP and SHOP and Czech fashion and design weekend. First, even though Belgium is very strong when it comes to design and fashion (let's mention The Antwerp Six), there is still quite a small market that focuses mostly on promoting its own designers. And secondly, the the availability of affordable original fashion was simply not sufficient. 

POP & SHOP: EUNIC European Fashion and Design Market took place at the end of October. The event was organized by a partner organization called EUNIC,  where 33 desingers from 7 countries had three days to present their work in DeMarkten, Brussels. This year's theme was "Upcycling". The Czech designers that participated were Chris Pola, Zuzana Veselá, Mikela da Luka, Gypsy Mama or Metráž!

Snímek obrazovky 2016-11-18 v 16.38.37.png

The fifth Czech fashion and design weekend is quickly approaching, taking place on November 25th. From what we have heard, it has become very popular among Czech women living in Brussels. If you just so happen to be traveling to Brussels for the next weekend, we recommend you to visit the Pilsner House and discover the eight Czech design and fashion brands that will be on display: VERCHIA, BeWooden, HUHŮ, Karla Olšáková, NosimEm, Trika z Kyjova, EGGO and Naše Věci

The SOFFA team loves discovering and visiting events like these. Are there any more we should know about? Tell us your recommendations in the comment section! 

By: Helena Novotná | Edit: Gracie Strausser | Photo: Brussels Czechcentres