Imaginative and original design textiles, wallpaper, ornate porcelain ... When you design everything by matching the details, then it nicely fits like a puzzle. And who does not love a puzzle? In a few days SOFFA & Friends is organizing a workshop that focuses on interior design, so we should certainly talk more about this...

Marimmeko is a Finnish design house, which is celebrated worldwide for its original prints and colors. It all started in 1949 when Viljo Ratia founded Printex, a small textile printing company. Armi Ratia, Viljo’s wife, had an amazing idea about how to be different and make original designs. To fulfill her vision, she gathered promising young artists around her and asked them to create new and striking fabric prints for Printex. 

As you can see, the prints are unusual and certainly do not fall into the category of contemporary style. That’s one main rarity of this brand. As Armi Ratia said “Marimekko is not about trendy fashion, with a few minor exceptions. We make lasting and timeless products. Timelessness may, however, occasionally come into fashion by chance, like now.”

By: Alice Muziková | Edit: Bridget Keane | Photo: LOTTA AGATON