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"We should be asking why our buildings aren’t more colorful"... (J. Kaplický)

It was not only about that. His suggestions, ideas, and unique writing style are known to all because they stand out. To mark the 80th anniversary of the famous Czech architect and visionary, Jan Kaplický, Gallery Tančící dům organized an exhibition of his work.

Jan Kaplický was born in Prague in 1937. The fact that he became an architect isn't a complete coincidence, because both his parents made a living off of their art. His mother was an illustrator, and his father was a graphic designer, sculptor and glass artist. From a young age, Jan Kaplický, was surrounded by artists and beautiful buildings. All of this affected him ... unfortunately, so did the advent of communism. He decided to immigrate to the United Kingdom, where he lived for many years. Together, with David Nixon, he created the base for his studio, Future Systems.

Kaplický received the Stirling Prize, the most prestigious British architecture award, for his design of the Lord's Media Centre in London cricket stadium. His success didn’t stop there, but his most important work for Czech people is his library’s draft, which supposed to be built in Prague's Letna. This project never happened, even though his design won and should have been implemented.

His work definitely will not be forgotten. Jan Kaplický imagined visions of the future which both his followers and the general public shared as they clearly stood behind his library design. "Good architecture has always been and always will be, a work of art" ... these are his words, and they are difficult to disagree with. Architecture will surround us, everywhere and always. Provided we are not afraid to experiment in other spheres of art, we should put this courageous insight to practice in architecture.

Do not miss this exhibition. You could lose a great cultural experience that is well worth it ... Or have you already been there?

By: Alice Muziková | Edit: Bridget Keane | Photo: Eva Jiřičná, s laskavým svolením Nadačního fondu Kaplicky Centre, Praha, photograph from exhibition by Petra Bejdová