SOFFA 13 backstage photoshooting

As we were lucky enough to work in such a gorgeous location, on such an unusual project, we decided to take some photos behind the scenes on the shoot. So, if you're curious and would like to see further than the photographe's lens (talented Alžběta Jungrová), then feel free to read more and enjoy these currently unseen photos!

If you have already got your copy of our new issue SOFFA 13, then you must have come across our beautiful all be it a little strange and different photo story.  If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy yet, then here is a little peak into something a little darker and fascinating into a world that normally we may not cross.

This issue is all about the body and we wanted to give you a different perspective on how people feel and think about their body, so we picked 8 individuals whose attitude and preferences may differ from our way of body stereotypes but make a great statement about the power of individuality and choice.

In contrast we were lucky enough to shoot at the magnificent Colorado Mansfeld Palace in Prague which provided the perfect backdrop to this story.  It was too good an opportunity and we managed some behind the scene photos to give you a more indepth view into this shoot beyond our photographer’s lens.  We hope you enjoy these yet unseen photos and are curious and excited to hear your point of view.

7 copy.jpg

We would like to thank Colorado Mansfeld Palace, Studio Hell for such a great cooperation and special thanks to everyone who has confided to SOFFA their own personal body story.


Text Eliška Krutáková and Yasmin Keshmiri Hejduk | Photos Eliška Krutáková