Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week

Who would have ever expected that the grey charring walls of the old Strahov Stadium would be the backdrop for the venue of the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week F/W16? One thing is for sure the glamour and fashion radar went from well: sub zero activity to a fashion storm! The contrast the bareness, something brutal but somehow welcoming encapsulated a small corner of this overpowering stadium. Maybe it was the shining white lights or the fact that beyond the temporary walls lay a minimal instillation that even before the shows started was a beauty to itself, that emulated the atmosphere, or simply that we are hungry for something new and unexpected. It said something about how Fashion and the emerging industry sees itself here in Prague and it chooses its language carefully, its full of space to think and leaves the audience with the possibility of interpretation. 

MBPFW is not afraid to step outside the central restrictions of Prague 1 and offer something beyond it, at the same time keeping the anticipation factor fully charged. This was a smart move as it beckoned you to enter into the world of the designers and the shows. With 14 established and new Czech designers scheduled and a couple of international guests, the line up was orchestrated with care and attention. The buzz around a show is always exciting, and the anticipation of the changeover lights and the beat of the music queuing the energy has a certain electricity about it. What surprised us was how the designers’ collections somehow also emulated the synergy of the set up and our current mood. Though each designer was quite different, the trend to be more loose and unstructured, keeping form but playing with draping and material, combining utility with glamour seemed to be a big focus. Though our cold days are slowly coming to an end, with these F/W collections there is definitely something to look forward to. Thanks for the shows and giving us something unexpected, it's always worth the visit. We have selected some favorite looks, all that’s missing is the music.

By: Yasmin Keshmiri Hejduk - SOFFA Creative Editor | Photo: Veronika Vrbová, Eliška Krutáková