SOFFA & FRIENDS EVENT: Dinner with Bju 2

On a cold and almost end of wintery day, we had another chance to spend an evening in the company of Bjukitchen with a few good friends and meet some new friends along the way. After the success of the first SOFFA & FRIENDS with Bjukitchen, it was too good to miss another opportunity to have dinner with the lovely Bára, as she welcomed us again into her home. Bára has a wonderful ability to combine seasonal ingredients with a rustic and seemingly easy approach. Her flavours are packed with freshness and texture, creating a warm feeling to not only enjoy the food but the colours and the aesthetic of the produce. The food is a perfect representation of Bára herself, who is excited when she is talking about the joy of cooking and the love of bringing people together, whether it’s a simple family brunch or a large dinner party.  It was a perfect ending to a blistery February evening, topped off by the fact that we ate well, drank plenty and laughed a lot, filled with food and good company.

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By: Yasmin Keshmiri Hejduk | Photos: Adéla Havelková