Every SOFFA magazine has a secret. The secret of something undiscovered, something that this world has not seen yet.

We and (hopefully) you as well learn something fresh with each new issue. We are discovering new corners, workshops, and studios. We meet interesting people, artists, designers and creators. But above all we invent what and how to get it to the new issue. For example, what do you recall when a word tradition is said?

Unconditionally, it is a folk costume. Traditional folk costumes which our ancestors here in the Czech Republic wore on a daily basis. Today we meet only our grandmothers dressed in it, and only some of them who live in the countryside. But because we at SOFFA don`t shoot things just as they are, we did the same this time as well – in a different way.

Are you eager at least like us and can`t wait to finally open your own SOFFA magazine? Guess what?! Today is the day when you can read the first page!

We wish you a great reading and discovery across traditions,

Your SOFFA team

By: Eliška Krutáková | Translation: Denisa Werthanová