Smoking a cigar, sipping whiskey, and being pampered in the barbershop. This is more or less how we at SOFFA magazine volume 14 imagine a Gentleman’s day.

Recently we visited such a place of magic and inspiration. At the front door, you could already smell the scent of Cologne. Let’s be honest, this alluring manly essence arouses the curiosity of more than one woman, hungry to peep inside the mysterious place where the handsome men are "born". Unfortunately, access is strictly prohibited to men only.

Well, it is not surprising. After all, an inquisitive woman could cause a distraction in a place full of gentlemen and it takes courage to trust a man with a razor in his hand. We must not forget that inside the barbershop the air is filled with testosterone in its full glory. Stainless steel, metal, wood and cracked old wall in the colours of grey. Bottles of whiskey piled on a wooden shelf, leather armchairs, and magazines for men. Shaving brushes and stainless sinks just below the mirrors. A beautiful and relaxing place, a spa experience for men.

Anyway, to discover more about this remarkable place don’t forget to read the whole story in the new SOFFA 14. If you are wondering what goes on behind the scenes in the Pepe’s Barbershop, newly opened in Holešovice, take a moment to look at photos that didn’t make it through to print. Lastly, breath in the atmosphere with our exclusive video on SOFFA online. Enjoy! 

By: Eliška Krutáková and Charlie Roper | Translation: Denisa Werthanová | Photo: Eliška Krutáková | Video: Diana Dora Dea Renegger