Every city hides the stories of its concealed inhabitants, tucked up in its narrow streets. Stories of love and longing, and some times the mix of excitement and expectation that comes with romance. The tales play out across the globe each and every day and are part of the everyday life that drives life.

Some days however, are not made for this whirr of emotion but rather to lend us a moment to pause and gather ourselves through the lines of text found on printed pages.

Here at SOFFA we capture the stories of life, weaving them into paper bound inspirations, exposing unknown places that may change your life forever or at least give you a shift in perspective. Furthermore, we aim to send our readers on a journey when hunting down the latest issue of #SoffaMag, opening up a world of independent and unique stockists.

There is for example the Harddecore Gallery, supplying visual inspiration or Page five, an unusually stylish bookstore in which you will undoubtedly come across an additional 5 great publishers. While shopping for SOFFA in Polaroid Love could land you with a traditional analogue camera as well as our magazine, you may even find yourself snapping a picture or two of a friend enjoying their new copy purchased in Coffee Room a laid-back café.

In fact, we love to do things unconventionally. Everyone needs to slow down in this big bustling world and we hope SOFFA magazine lets you find a small cubby or an independent local shop to enjoy your own moment.

Where do you prefer to buy SOFFA? (Send us images of your own #SOFFAmoment and take a break from the bustling world.) Find the entire list of locations at our stockists list here.

By: Eliška Krutáková and Charlie Roper | Translation: Denisa Werthanová | Photos: Diana Dora Dea Ranegger, Adéla Kudrnová