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Here at SOFFA we have our weekly rituals, for example Monday morning meetings to catch up with our lovely interns and discuss our blog and all the things that inspire and make us smile. As we sat around chatting and giggling our way through our coffees, our conversations turned a bit techy and we started to reveal our favorite APPs and why we love them. Now there are so many APPs for so many different functions and uses, you can literally spend a day browsing to find out that actually you don’t really need any of them.  But then there are some you just love to have around and reach for whenever the time is right.  So here is our selection, maybe you know some of them, or use them like us, some might be new, but whatever the case, share with us your favorites and let’s go APPtastic!!


Diana Dora Dea Ranegger / SOFFA Intern from Austria

As spring has finally arrived here in Prague I love getting outside to explore new places and cafes or just to relax in one of the parks. But with the beautiful weather also crowds of tourists come and getting on metros or trams can be very exhausting. So why not walking everything by foot? For me the app Pacer gives an extra dose of motivation as it counts the steps, kilometers and span I’ve been walking the whole day. Every time I reach my daily goal I get a message directly on my mobile. All I have to do is carrying my phone with me and the app will do the rest. Pretty easy, huh? So no excuses anymore, let’s get active! 



When I saw the receipts for Christmas gifts stacking up on my table last December I decided it's high time I started tracking my expenses. DailyCost is easy to use but gives me a nice (or sometimes not that nice) and detailed overview of how much money I spend and for what. It definitely helped me to make a few minor tweaks to the way I buy things.


Yasmin Keshmiri Hejduk / Creative Editor

I started using this really basic APP called Way of Life. With so many changes recently, I wanted to keep track of my daily activities, habits, rituals, maintaining some order and routine. The APP is a great way to create quick good and bad habits/ activities that you want to track and daily, it reminds you to fill in your results. It rewards you for 3 or 5 consecutive days of good habits so you feel positive and lets you track and monitor your pattern over long periods. It’s a really helpful and easy tool to keep you on track, helping you form positive life habits, and even changes the way you think, well sometimes!


Eliška Krutáková / SOFFA Intern from CZ

To be honest I am not really good with APPs. I don´t even play video games. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I die so quickly! So when I found out about this one APP called Dumb ways to die, I couldn’t help myself, and I gave it a go. This game is forcing you to die, so I thought I won´t be a looser anymore. Well…. I forget that in every game the goal is to stay alive and for as long as you can.  But this game is so addictive and crazy, you find yourself manically tapping at your scrren, moving around like your life depends on it and with only 3 lives, sooner or later…. Yep you guessed it you find a Dumb way to Die! If the game doesn’t get you the catchy song definitely will, and Oh I forgot to mention its all for rail road safety.


Charlie Roper/ SOFFA Intern from UK

Everyone’s perception of the world is different. Noses pick up scent in varied combinations; ears hear different ranges of frequency and some eyes have the ability to see 98 million more colours than the average.Think you can see all the colours? Specimen is a game all about colour. A petri like dish filled with blobs aka ‘specimens’ fills your screen and the aim is to match the background colour to a blob in the middle. Sounds simple? As the game progresses I find myself staring blankly at four frustrating near identical shades of green. Ironically the games creators say that success is as much about focus and staying calm as it is about perception. So breathe deeply, focus and get colourful.


Ellie Hall / SOFFA Intern from UK

I started using meditation and mindfulness APP Headspace as the pressure of daily life took over and started to impact my overall wellbeing, I needed a way to primarily switch off and get a decent night sleep. Headspace provided the perfect introduction even for me, a complete beginner. Starting with just ten minutes of meditation a day as part of the free trial and building this up over time, I was soon hooked on the daily step by step sessions with “Andy”. Headspace let me forget my surroundings and end every session feeling completely relaxed, with a good night sleep guaranteed. I only wish I had found this App and my own Headspace sooner!  

By: Yasmin Keshmiri Hejduk | Photo: Eliška Krutáková


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