SOFFA tip / Furniture For Fotos


If you want to see something you probably haven't seen before, then go to DSC gallery. The DSC gallery, which acquires new talent and organizes 6-8 solo exhibitions throughout the year. Offers the work of artists such as David Černý, Viktor Frešo, Roman Týc, Jiří Černický and for example Jiří Georg Dokoupil who exhibits right now.

The curtains that were covering the gallery windows have been taken down and finally it is revealed what lies beneath „FuFoFo“. A name, which at first seems like an incomprehensible attribute of the world-famous painter, sculptor and cowboy Jiri Georg Dokoupil which describes his unusual exhibition of Furniture For Fotos.


Dokoupil launches his new artistic concept in this exhibition as a premier. "This is the most authentic proof of the theory of Marcel Duchamp, who said that the artwork exists only in the presence of its spectator. The objects themselves do not mean anything until the viewer becomes part of the statue itself," explaining the idea of the exhibition.

For this Dokoupil created special objects that blur the difference between the second and third dimensions. Visitors of DSC Gallery will be able to take a picture with these objects, which they can then take away with them. In addition, the artist himself will be present several hours each day in the gallery with a camera in hand. Due to the nature of the exhibition of the works being not for sale, visitors have the unique chance to receive an original (photograph) by Dokoupil for free


The exhibition lasts only till Wednesday 25th, so hurry up to take a picture on a special artistic piece, because there is never enough time of fun.

By: Eliška Krutáková | Photos: Eliška Krutáková