We are pleased to invite you to the launch party of the new platform for Mindtravellers - a platform inteded for creative spirits from all over the world.  Presenting selective pieces from  our creative Mindtravellers, which will be up for silent bit to support a creative community workplace Kavárna co hledá jméno.


Jinhee Park – South Korea | Japan | United States

Jinhee Park’s career as an artist started with her so-called tiger-mother who forced her to draw an empty beverage can while she herself was at a meeting. The drawing was so good that she decided to send her daughter to art school – since then she is full of hunger for creations like drawing, painting and designing. After studying in South Korea and Japan she moved to the United States where she’s been living with her husband until today. 

Annachiara Zaminato – Italy

Annachiara Zaminato is an illustrator from Veneto, Italy (left picture). The artist, who was raised in the small village Bassano des Grappa at the foot of the mountains, has been drawing since she was a small kid. She loves telling stories by using pencils, markers, brushes or pens - it’s not the material that matters for her, it’s the act of doing it.

Lucy Jones – United Kingdom

Lucy Jones studied illustration 10 years ago, in Manchester, UK (where she has been living until today). Since then she has been designing posters for bands, screen-printing, making record covers and creating illustrations inspired by music. Her inspirations is Ivan Chermayeff, Sister Corita Kent and Willem Sandberg.


Paweł Błęcki – Poland

Pawel was born in 1984, Gdańsk. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk where he majored in Photography, and Intermedia at the Multimedia Communication Faculty of the University of Arts in Poznań. His works have been shown on many exhibitions, among others, ‘Storm’, ShowOFF Section of the Photophy Month in Cracow 2014; Gdańsk Art Biennale, Gdańsk City Gallery, 2014; ‘State of matter’, Rotunda Gallery, Poznań, 2014; Urbild/Abbild, Lokal 30, Warsaw, 2013. 

Grace Russell – Great Britain

Grace Russell is a London-based artist who discovered her love for illustration in the foundation year at University. Her works combine disparate pieces of collage with paint and charcoal to create evocative imagery that is both playful and controlled. She gets inspired by a variety of sources such as texts (by reading between the lines), unusual places and other illustrators.

Stephanie Franziska Scholz – Germany

Her love for comic books as a child inspired Stephanie Franziska Scholz (left picture) to study illustration at University of Fine Arts in Berlin, as well as in Bologna. It took her a while to find a style that she liked for herself and in the end it turned out to be digital paper cuts where she uses lots of different scans of textured paper. But she also loves to get inspired and to work with other people, as she likes to get to know different styles and personalities. 

Taja Spasskova – Czech Republic

Taja Spasskova studies Illustration and Graphic Design at Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art in Plzen. She loves all kinds of different art-related media such as photography, drawing, illustration and conceptual art. At the moment she is collaborating with several magazines as well as working on fashion-and-art-related photography projects.