„Sometimes you want to see a film, but the cinema is not playing anything you like. Or perhaps you don’t want to be stuck inside a cinema hall when it is beautiful outside and you would rather enjoy the outdoors in the evening. Let yourself be inspired by our creation of a garden outdoor cinema,  where a bed sheet will do for a screen.“

Let us take you to our last garden party and watch a film together! In our new SOFFA issue 15 you can read about how to style an outdoor cinema, how to make your own low-budget DIY-screen and dive into the scenery of the southern-France-looking location that we had thanks to Jana Havránková.

For letting you catch a glimpse behind the scenes of the shooting, we caught some pictures with our camera that come to life in the video below. So take your laptop and DIY-screen to the garden and maybe watch it as a pre-film in your very own private cinema. 

By: Diana Dora Dea Ranegger