Could there be anything more beautiful about fashion than originality? Yes, its sustainability. The philosophy of sustainable fashion is very important for SOFFA, and we always strive to discover new creative projects and work with conscientious minds.

WIN WIN love is a Czech clothing brand, founded and led by two friends, Bára and Anna. The basis of their e-shop consists of second hand clothing reimagined into new, entirely unique pieces. During their work they respect the efforts and resources expended in the original material, before breathing new life into them.


The new spring collection WIN WIN love, inspired by the city, was created in collaboration with non-traditional florist’s Plevel that shares the same view of flowers as the brand of clothing. Each piece is purely Czech, unique and combines a story with the desire to be creative and have fun. The collection was inspired by minimalist aesthetic, floral art, and he clean lines of concrete from the Strahov buildings for technological operation of road tunnels.

By: Patrik Florian, Charlie Roper | Translation: Denisa Werthanová

Photo: Jakub Dohnálek | Models: Nastya / Scouteen, Tereza / Agents Model Management

Video: Jakub Švejkar | MUA: Alice Reindlová | Production: Mikuláš Pavlík