Sometimes it is better to stay home. By that, however, I don't mean lying on a comfortable sofa with a big TV in front of you. I'm thinking of Bohemia, our picturesque homeland, which hides a lot of beautiful corners. This summer holiday I took refuge in the countryside. Because only here the time goes really at a speed of breeze and you can even hear your own thoughts because the space for thinking there is more than big enough. I visited my grandmother for a few days and I let myself be carried away by the countryside. Everyday worries there are no e-mails, work phone calls, meetings, or problems of global dimension. The biggest concerns are the rabbits.

Give them twice a day to eat, clean water, go for a walk with the dog in the fields, get water from the creek, water the flowers and vegetables in the garden and cook your lunch. And what about the rest of the time? Simply, you sleep through it. With no regrets, because silence, tranquillity and getting enough sleep heals. And it heals everything. Try it sometime as well. I'm just going back to the city feeling reborn.


Photo and text by: Eliška Krutáková