The interior design is like the alpha omega. It's a start, without which you can't reach a satisfactory end. Like a homemade elderberry syrup, without which the water wouldnt't taste so good, fresh and sweet. Like a true Indian spices, without which you can't make good tikka masala or curry in general. Interior design is simply something without which our artistic soul couldn't exist happily. And now we have an opportunity for you to learn a few tricks in the School of Interior Design by SOFFA, which will be held next week.

Four days of this workshop will be filled with projects, moodboards, colors, patterns and decorations from morning till evening and everything will be under the baton of our designer Janka. So, read more about this event and let yourself sweep away by a wave of beautiful design together. Capacity is limited, so be careful and log in – here – before it would be too late to get a seat!

By: Eliška Krutáková | Translation: Denisa Werthanová | Photo: Adéla Havelková