Summer is a candy coloured festive time for our family, from the colours of the sky to the sea and the berry flavoured ice cream dripping down our fingers. There is nothing better than enjoying hot days with the intention of doing nothing but take it easy and taking advantage of absence of order and routine. This is our family summer holiday aspiration, however it somehow turns into a hive of activity as we city folk are somehow unable to sit still.  We holiday in the same place every year, a small place called Cap Ferret at the end of a tiny peninsula just shy of an hour from Bordeaux. It used to be an old fishing village, which now produces oysters in many small farms you see dotted along the water on the inside of the bay referred to as Le Bassain ( basin or sink). The amazing Dunes of Pilat to the east and the great Atlantic to the west. There are only a couple of small hotels, otherwise many small wooden villas or original 60’s designed mini cottages, that can be rented from the owners. Here repetition is the key to relaxation, waking up to the sound of the birds, visiting the market to buy fresh bread, local produce and fish, taking a coffee in the corner patisserie, biking to the beach, walking the dunes, surfing and eating oysters for dinner and finally a stop at the ice cream shack for a final sweet end to the day. There is a quaint sort of charm here, with the vibe of Venice Beach California but French! Its sweet and somehow simple, just the way we like our summer holidays to be. 


Photo and text by: Yasmini Keshmiri Hejduk - creative editor