Prague is full of lovely, a bit refined coffee places, where you can enjoy a descent cup of coffee and a friendly get-together. Coffee corner in Žižkov is not exactly one of those places. You can still savour their coffee drinks, restoring lemonades and refreshments. But what we came there for was a get-away from it all. 

The original concept of this spot was to create a place where visitors could have a little "me-time": make themselves comfortable, take the shoes off, breathe, think and recharge. This idea is perfectly implemented in this open-air, dog- and children-friendly place with unique Native American-ish design, which creates impression of safety, tranquility and harmony with nature.

Although this place is called Coffee corner, which implies it is not too capacious, the place turns out to be quite roomy - everybody seem to have their own little cozy hideaway. It also pleased us with its colors: light brown shades of wood, deep turquoise shades of soft pillows and revitalizing greed shades of trees around, calling for you to come back sometime. And we definitely will!


Photo and text by: Julie Orlova