We have been having a lot of fun while preparing our new exciting issue #SOFFA16 all about Sport. From the start, sport has become integral to our daily conversations, and though we all kind of consider ourselves sporty, we also acknowledge that our job and our lifestyle doesn’t leave too much room for our fitness routine. Our team is built up of many different sporting interests, from dancing, boxing, yoga to intensive training, and even with our best efforts to make it to classes or the gym we have to admit its harder then we would like. So we decided to set ourselves a challenge to learn from some of the best trainers that Prague has to offer and team up with NIKE + RUN CLUB and NIKE + TRAINING CLUB to find a better balance between work and training time. Starting a new fitness routine is somewhat difficult but as the whole SOFFA gang has signed up to be part of this challenge, we hope that we not only learn more through the workshops but become even closer to achieve an inspiring sporting working life. We started our challenge with a Mobility workshop taught by our favorite Amazon Radka Vandasova. The unstoppable Michal Kulka will follow her lead with his running workshop, then by Marek Podmolid aka The Mountain with intensive training. Finally we will take part in a Yoga workshop by our NIKE yogi Petra Weigeltova. We will be posting all our adventures and funny stories on the blog, Facebook, Instagram and snapchat. So follow us on our journey and hopefully we will inspire you to move with us to a better you: 

Mobility Worskhop, August 4th, trainer Radka Vandasová

Running Workshop, August 25th, trainer Michal Kulka

Circuit Training Workshop, September 8th, trainer Marek Podmolík

Yoga Workshop, September 15th, trainer Petra Weigeltová


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