The SOFFA x Nike Challenge has officially started and we were pleasantly surprised to be eased into the challenge with a workshop on mobility. We expected some stretching and basic movement, we were not expecting to be working so hard, sweating and waking up the next day sore like we had done a marathon! So what is this new and ultimately important principle, mobility?  Mobility should really be considered as an exercise training with the main focus on improving and extension of your joints, control of your body load, removing stiffness and promoting better movements. Nowadays the focus on fitness and exercise has taken a more whole body approach. The importance of stretching and mobility is integral to the success and most importantly injury free fitness lifestyle. Our mobility workshop was with the wonderful Radka Vandasová, who explained many different aspects of mobility training. In many situations pointing out that certain difficult positions can be mainly due to the lack of mobility of various joints for example interestingly squats can be improved vastly in training mobility of your ankle, or how shoulder extensions can ultimately change the way you can do a handstand. Radka’s approach to maintaining an ultimate healthy body through integrating mobility was not only practical and common sense but inspiring too. We can’t wait to continue our workshops and learn more on the path to challenge ourselves further with the help of Nike.  


Follow us on our journey and hopefully we will inspire you to move with us to a better you: 

Running Workshop, August 31st, trainer Michal Kulka

Yoga Workshop, September 8th, trainer Petra Weigeltová

Circuit Training Workshop, September 15th, trainer Marek Podmolík


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