Running is a natural movement that we should all be familiar with so we were all really looking forward to meet with Michal Kulka and learn all about simple principles to improve our skills. Michal is the Nike Head Coach for the last couple of years and has been working with Nike since almost 10 years now, so we knew we were in good hands and that his years of experience would give us invaluable advice. Running has become very popular over the last few years with more and more small runs to marathons organized all over the city.  No wonder on any given day you will come across many individual runners or group runners who can see the potential in a simple, accessible and cheap way to keep fit and inject a healthier lifestyle. So if you want to take it seriously its really important to follow some smart principles to prevent injuries and maximize your workout. During the training we were introduced to dynamic warm ups, running drills, uphill running games, hand positions and many more useful tips. Nike has been developing and improving their running app, and now with the new NRC app you can find plans on how to start running or to prepare for your first race. We had a beautiful morning as a group learning with Michal and would advise for anyone who is getting serious on running to be smart and get going with the help of Nike.


Follow us on our journey and hopefully we will inspire you to move with us to a better you: 

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