Home. How much meaning we put in this word. But to make any place feel like home is not quite so simple. It is not just rooms and chairs, it is the feeling you get when you enter - I am finally home... And after a long day you can be relaxed and at ease. You can read a book, have a cup of tea or take a bath. Do anything you find relaxing. 

Everyone's perception of home is different. But we can all agree that you can create that feeling of being welcomed - and that was one of our intentions at SOFFA Interior design school


For two weekends we were discussing, learning, drawing and creating how to bring the mood  into the space. How to start: the blueprints, the electricity, the wall - it is not as easy as it sounds, so, basically, how to create a room from scratch. We have made mood boards and visited showrooms, we have learned how to use colour schemes and address the issues that we could not even think of, thanks to our beautiful and talented teacher - Janka Murinova. 


Our first School of Interior Design was a wonderful experience.  And we hope to see new "students" really soon. Do not miss this opportunity and join us from 1. October till 9. October at our new SOFFA space. More information find HERE.

By: Aleksandra Sidorina | Photo: Julie Orlova