Motion is powerful and empowering, whether it is you just going for a run in the morning or looking for a new travel destination to cover. As the autumn is practically here and our anticipation of chilly weather, cozy sweaters and warmer drinks is growing, the best idea may be to get inspired by the latest MINI ISSUE 16 and embrace last warm days.

We have enjoyed our collaboration with NIKE on so many levels. The team work, the inspiring coaches, the post work-out endorphins – all this is awaiting you. Now we can say WE CAN DO IT and so can you! Make sure you have a look at our challenge and short interviews with instructors. 

As you slide through the pages you will be mesmerized by beautiful photography of California. These are not your typical beach-and-palms pictures, but something truly soothing and mind-clearing. Just look and breathe.

We like smart products as much as the next person does, so we had so much fun playing with IKEA's smart lighting. It is all about your mood and needs, therefore take a look at a playful video we made and discover all the options. We wish you pleasant reading and an inspiring autumn!

By: Julie Orlova