When you have an opportunity to visit a classical concert it is a true bliss, because what can better distract your mind from outer world than classical music, especially if it is Dvořakova Praha international music festival! Suddenly, on a regular evening you have an opportunity to dress up, take out a nice purse like you haven't done for such a long time, put red lipstick and high heels on, and feel a little bit special.

When, after admiring the magnificence of Rudolfinum from outside, you finally take your seat and musicians start playing you can simply feel it - the pure art, given into human hands. You start listening and can not help, but smile.


Festival Dvořakova Praha is the most frequently visited international music festival in Czech Republic since its establishment in 2008. The main accent of this festival is put on excellence of all performing musicians, who mostly play Antonín Dvořák's creations, even his early works. 

So, do not miss this breathtaking chance and come by last few tickets into Dvořákova Praha international music festival at Rudolfinum and make your evening special like we did.


By: Eliška Krutáková | Edit: Julie Orlova | Photo: Veronika Vrbová and Martin Divíšek