Do you like going through old photos? Sometimes you may happen to come across the huge box up on a shelf full of old memories and scuffed photos and you spend hours and hours over them all at onсе . In cooperation with Papelote we thought that it is a shame not to put such big and important memories nicely together, so we organized another workshop.

This time we produced things from quality paper. We were cutting, folding, gluing and printing and, thanks to the great care and expert advice from Papelote girls, we created exceptionally beautiful albums. Participants also learned how to do special Japanese binding, which they used on the unique Papelote paper. Apart from our final product we were able to use a lot of ribbons, washi tapes, stickers and other materials for more paper creations. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love those little things that transform any paper into a work of art?


So, how do you store and recall your memories? Stay true to the classic paper method with us and create your own album or a traveller’s diary with photos from your trips as well. Join us next time and enjoy a nice weekday afternoon in our studio full of creativity!


Photo: Adéla Kudrnová and Klára


By: Eliška Krutáková | Translation: Denisa Werthanová | Photo: Eliška Krutáková