If something opens up in your diary and you suddenly have a free afternoon, but just don't feel like sitting around in a cafe, visit the Prague's city library. A really extensive exhibition of sculptures of both Czech and foreign artists will be exhibited and will be on display until September 25th.

As many of us know, visiting a gallery is never a waste of time. Sometimes it's nice to escape from a sudden rain, sometimes it's pleasantly refreshing to be in an air-conditioned room full of art instead of wandering through hot streets of the city. One way or another, it's always your moment spent with nothing but art, which caress at least a piece of your artistic soul. The sculptures from the First World War till 1980’s is on display thanks to the cooperation with the Prague City Gallery. Czech sculpture achieved so high artistic level during this period that it can be compared to modern European works.



This exhibition, which the city library called The Restless Figure, is a characteristic demonstration of its typical representatives during historical events. The dynamic artistic development of sculpture in our country has begun with Josef Václav Myslbek, which was later followed by younger generations. Profile of the exhibition is, besides the Czech artists, significantly enhanced by the formation of foreign sculptors as well. Especially Auguste Rodin, Costantin Meunier, or Antoine Bourdelle, which are definitely worth seeing.


By: Eliška Krutáková | Translation: Denisa Werthanová | Photo: Eliška Krutáková