No tricks, just treats: Our Kiehl's Consultation

For those of you who, as of yet, have not fully explored what Kiehl’s is all about, and everything that they have to offer, may this blog post provide a little insight. 165 years ago, Kiehl’s started out as an old-world apothecary with a philosophy for maintaining healthy skin by using the essence of natural ingredients.


The Kiehl’s mascot, skeletal Mr. Bones, who can be found in every store, represents the pharmacy heritage of Kiehl’s, as Aaron Morse, Kiehl’s founder, would use a skeleton during consultations to educate patients on illnesses and how remedies would cure them. A brand of tradition, each store has the same wooden floor, chandelier, marble worktop, Kiehl’s pilot badge for each employee – another memento for Aaron Morse, specifically his piloting past – and an overall New York aesthetic.


After arranging a skincare consultation, a few members of the SOFFA team were warmly greeted by Linda in the Nový Smichov store in Prague. They informed us that their main goal at Kiehl’s is to give every customer the highest quality of care and service.


They did not simply advise on best-sellers or general pre-set packages, instead they customize each step of the process, recommending products based on the customer’s skin type determined by a series of quick, easy tests and advising customers when and how often to use, what each product does and what it contains.


I was re-assured on the all-natural philosophy of the products throughout the consultation, being told which products contained no oil or alcohol. They pick an amount of products suited to each customer, too, so as not to overwhelm with a 10-product skincare regime first time.


The products’ packaging is clean, minimalist and appealing, never taking away from the product itself. The range of products is also impressive, with a multitude of unisex skincare options to suit every skin type. Referred to as a ‘word-of-mouth’ brand, Kiehl’s celebrates its ability to remain a popular choice simply through its loyal customers and their raving reviews about their products.


We advise booking yourself in for a consultation at your local Kiehl's store so you too can receive the best professional advice on looking after your skin. In Prague, Kiehl's stores can be found at OC Novy Smichov, OC Chodov and at the Palladium. For a full list of stores, you can also visit: Of course, if you want to try some Kiehl’s products for yourself, but perhaps don’t have the time to pop into a store or even have one nearby, SOFFA can help! When you order our SOFFA annual subscription before 5th December 2017, not only will you get 6 magazines for the price of 5, you will also receive a set of Kiehl’s three best-selling products for free! 

SPECIAL OFFER: Can’t decide which product to choose? Get 5 FREE samples along with your order by using promo code “SOFFA” either online or at Kiehl’s stores at no extra cost! Offer valid until 31.12.2017. Enjoy!

Have you tried Kiehl’s before? What’s your favourite product of theirs? Let us know!

text: Holly Alderson | Photo: André Anonimo