Mys is an informal Swedish term for comfort, coziness and relax, especially at home. When you are at home, sitting, reading your book just enjoying your leisure time. Bloomingville is the brand that will give you all of it.

Betina Stampe was fascinated of Nordic style and living. In 2000 she established Bloomingville and since then, she has shared her passion for creativity. After a while her husband Simon Stampe, became CEO and now Bloomingville is one of the global home interior brands.

The mission for Bloomingville didn’t change. Although the style is constantly evolving, they are still holding their task, which is delivering happy changes to everyday designers. From Bloomingville you can feel how much is rooted in the Danish tradition. They based on the accumulated experience and found a great way to create products that can guarantee a pleasant informal atmosphere in every home.

Here is a small peek of their new collection for spring and summer 2017. Inspire yourself and enjoy the moment… enjoy the mys.

By: Alice Muziková | Photo: Bloomingville