Mouvo 2017

In February Festival of motion design Mouvo celebrated its second season. Festival was hosted in Archa Theatre and featured world's best filmmakers, graphic designers, animators and videomakers - American designer Bradley Munkowitz, aka GMunk, the UK’s Spin studio, DBGL - an award-winning motion design studio from London, John Schlemmer, Simon Holmedal, Marcus Eckert, Visegrad Young Talents / Andrea Vacovská (CZ), István Csekk (HU) and Mateusz Kukła (PL) and panel of The Future of Motion Design.


Mouvo is the first Czech festival presenting motion design in all of its forms. The goal is to draw attention to one of the most progressively developing areas in graphic design in live form. The festival was created and organised by Oficina studio. Oficina decided to spread the awareness of the motion design scene and to link Czech experience and designers with those from abroad.

Illustrators and animators Michaela Režová and Magdalena Kvasničková created our sporty SOFFA 16 and SOFFA 17 with the nature of Iceland cover pages in motion at the occasion of Mouvo 2017.

By: Patrik Florián | Photo & Video: Mouvo