Colour of the year - Denim Drift

New year has brought new perspectives and a new hero between all the colours of the world! Denim Drift is the new must-have colour of 2017! Dulux and designing specialists have chosen the colour of 2017. Denim Drift is adaptable and fits different interior styles. The supporting colour palette reflects balance and takes a fresh look on life. They say, that blue is the colour of our every day. The sky above us. The clothes we wear. And as of this year, the colour to paint on our walls.

The team from our Global Aesthetic Center has also curated five trends that each use the colour to different effect. Contrast between braver fresh colours and dimmed light tones creates perfect balance.

These are the main trends to follow:

Mr. Blue Sky
Love walking with your head in the sky? Combine different tones of blue and never stop dreaming!

Set the two-tone
Denim Drift with Indigo Shade on one wall will bring depth and interest to your room.

Smart studying
Don't be afraid of contrasts. Use Denim Drift with bright colours to never stop the creativity flowing.

Dapper Dado
Dado rails can be the perfect opportunity to get a little confident with colour, allowing you to experiment with darker accents and stronger shades.

Embrace the blues
Create a calm and peaceful living space by embracing one of this year’s hottest trends – tonal layering.

Our review of international architecture, fashion and design trends revealed that blue is the colour of the moment. To make it relevant for your home, the team chose a blue that works as well in a kitchen as it does in a bedroom. Denim Drift, is the must-have colour for 2017. It will look great on your wall!
— Heleen van Gent Creative Director Dulux’s Global Aesthetics Center
Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 16.44.50.png
Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 16.44.35.png

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By: Patrik Florián | Photo: Dulux