The building holding the brand new, SmetanaQ has recently been redone after a devastating gas explosion in 2013, which inspired the building to be made into so much more then it previously was. The celebrated opening of SmetanaQ came with the opening of many other highlights to the building such as a bistro, cafe, gallery, and designer shops for shoes, jewelry, and clothing. 

SmetanaQ gives the ambiance of a cozy cappachino or a sophisticated glass of wine. The natural, open space is great for a tucked away first date but also is good for groups of friends to meet up. There is everything from great coffee selections, a large array of teas, and fun alcoholic choices ranging from spritz to wine. Even at night the cafe gives a natural feel with the naked lamp light bulbs and with it's large front windows you can even enjoy a sunny afternoon. The exposed fixtures and industrial feel of the cafe complimented the natural ambiance of the furnishings. 

Overall this SmetanaQ cafe is great for coffee and wine lovers who are looking for a great location on the river along with an amazing array of desserts. The inviting feel of the cafe lured in customers ranging from students studying in the back library, to couples sipping Moravian wine, to groups of friends sharing a piece of cake. 

Text & Photo: McClane Gill