Sustainable Fashion Day vol.4

The Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week is upon us once again, along with the vision of warm spring days and the feeling of connection with nature once again. Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week gives us the opportunity to see fresh new collections of Czech based designers and also another Sustainable Fashion Day event.

Sustainable Fashion Day is a season event with Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week, which showcases sustainable and ethical alternatives to the way fashion functions today. The goal is to educate professionals and the public about sustainable fashion choices and how they can change their lifestyle and wardrobe towards a more sustainable alternative.

This year’s fourth anniversary of Sustainable Fashion Day was held at VNITROBLOCK in Prague, right downstairs from SOFFA’s editorial office. The public was able to celebrate by viewing sustainable fashion and conscious collections, brands and designers, attend interesting lectures, and enjoy eco-friendly food and educational movies. The organizer of the event is Kamila Boudová, an expert at the Sustainable Fashion Business working in Paris.

Overall the main goal of Sustainable Fashion Day is to show that sustainable fashion is an affordable and attractive alternative to conventional chain of fashion. It is also to inform the public about its benefits for them, society and the planet in a fun and education event. Once again, Sustainable Fashion Day during this year’s Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week was successful and an amazing event.


By: McClane Gill | Photo: Sustainable Fashion Day